MotorcyclingAlabama.info offers downloadable GPS ride codes for all fifty ride loops featured in the book and an author blogpost where David Haynes, author of Motorcycling Alabama will provide up-to-date information about rides and road changes in Alabama. This interactive website allows riders the opportunity to discuss motorcycling in Alabama.

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  1. Gary Allen says:

    I have your book and think it is great. I have a Garmin 2620, when I go to your website and click a file to download, it goes to another screen that I don’t understand. I don’t understand how to get all that information into my GPS. Is there not a method to download the file that mapsource will open?


    • David Haynes says:

      Hello Gary,

      What web browser are you using. With Safari (and maybe others) you have to right click on the link, then it asks if you want to download the file. After the file is downloaded, you can then use your MapSource software that came with the GPS to transfer (import) the GPX file from your computer to your GPS device.

      I hope that helps.

  2. Robert Sadler says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your book and would like to attend one of the book signing. Are you coming to Montgomery? If not I may try to catch you at Barber on the 18th.


  3. Richard Schlinkert says:

    Hi David-I got your book as a gift and am really enjoying it. Some of these rides are old favorites of mine, but many are new to me. I am having a similar problem in downloading the GPX files. I use IE as a browser (such as it is) and am pretty handy with MapSource and my Garmin 60CX handheld (on mount), but I can’t figure out how to get what you have into my PC to upload to the unit. Perhaps you could either package the info in folder and/or put up a “download for dummies” set of instruction for folks like me. I am really looking forward riding these routes and to getting the files. Thanks

  4. David Haynes says:

    Hello Richard,

    You should be able move the GPX files that you download from this website into your “routes” folder in MapSource, then while the unit is connected to your PC with MapSource open, add it to the “routes” folder in the unit, just like any other route that you might use. I haven’t ever used the 60CX so don’t know if there are other steps involved I’m not aware of. But that’s how it’s done on the 26xx series that I’ve always used. Have you looked in the manual?

  5. Wayne Stevens says:

    I tried the links to the ride loops from the book .. and none of them work. Have they moved or something.


    Error (404)
    We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check out our FAQ or forums for help. Or maybe you should try heading home.

  6. David Haynes says:


    Thanks for reporting this. We are working to correct the problem with the links.


  7. David Steade says:

    I to, am having a similar problem with the downloadable .gpx files…i.e. cannot open them with the most recent version of Mapsource, etc.
    I’ve contacted Garmin’s support section, to see if they could assist with this matter.

    • UA Press Marketing Department says:


      I am working to fix the broken links. For some reason, they were dropped from the site. I plan to have the links fixed by Friday.

      UA Press Marketing Department

  8. David Steade says:

    I have been able to successfully download the .gpx files, and open them with Garmin’s Mapsource program.
    However, I have noticed that the Lat/Long Waypoints in the files are incorrect.
    The routes are excellent and I’ve been able to transfer them to my Garmin GPSMAP 76CS.

  9. john delay says:

    I have downloaded the Eufala –Abbeville route and the coordinates are way off. I am the ride chaifman for the Valley Motorcycle Touring Association out of Columbus Ga. and we would like to use your book and web site to make almost all of the rides in Alabama. Please let me know if the problem is the coordinates or something else I need to do on this end. Thankyou, John.

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